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VIM Team Travels to Honduras

A VIM Team joined Dr. Paz Cardona and her two nephews for a week-long dental/medical mission trip in Honduras in early March. The team set up clinics in four different churches in four days. Over 300 people received medical care and over 150 people received critical dental care. In addition to the medical/dental clinics, the team provided medicine, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soaps, and clothing to every person. Most importantly, every person who went through the medical clinic was prayed over by one of the VIM team members. Dr Paz shared the Gospel and several indicated faith into a new life with Jesus Christ!

Honduras has beautiful topography. Lush vegetation in mountainous regions provides agricultural opportunities. In the valleys, city industry and cattle farmers dominate the economy. The VIM team experienced all these different facets of Honduras, including an impromptu tour through a coffee factory where they were able to purchase 20 pounds of beans pulled right out of the cooking vat to share with loved ones back home.

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