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Short Term Mission:  In 2019, Rev. Ken Whitten and Board Member Neil Nicholson traveled to Ghana offering marketplace ministry/evangelistic training.  The program ran for several days.  Each day, the trainees put their lessons into practice.  Over 100 were brought to Christ during this one-week mission trip!

While Covid-19 travel restrictions have prevented the planned trips in 2020, the need in Ghana is great.  VIM ships medical and other supplies as often as donations allow.  If you would like to support the evangelism efforts in Ghana, please click on the Donation button above or reach out to Ken at 603-867-9955 to discuss your ideas.

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VIM partners with Pastor Daniel Ahiabah of the Christ for the World Evangelistic Chapel.  Though based in Tema, Pastor Daniel has planted over 100 churches in Ghana. These church leaders have led thousands of people to God and continue with marketplace ministry and outreach evangelism to grow the Kingdom

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