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Dominican Republic

This is our partner in the Dominican Republic, Pastor Julian Ramon Matos.  Pastor Julian and his wife, Milagros work together to bring hope and the word of God to people in rural and difficult to reach areas on the island.  Read more about them below.


Their Story

Pastor Julian Ramon Matos, and his wife Milagros are the founders of Paradise City Foundation.  They partner with doctors, nurses, pastors and community leaders near Barahona, Dominican Republic to bring the love of Jesus, medical care, education, and hope to those in need.   Their goal is to give children a sense of belonging and foster an environment of respect, values and love for others.    Pastor and Senora Matos host mission teams and serve hard-to-reach communities in the mountains surrounding Paraiso DR.   They are in the process of developing an educational/medical/training center (including a mission house) where orphans will have an opportunity to be raised and instructed in loving Christian foundations until reaching adulthood. 

To change lives in the Dominican Republic by supporting Paradise City Foundation, please                       .
To join a short-term mission team, please view upcoming trips here 

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