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Our History with Haiti


VIM has been sending teams to Haiti since 1993.  Medical, evangelical and project work has been accomplished in many areas around the main island and outlying islands.  VIM was on site for many weeks following the 2010 earthquake working with medical teams from around the world to aid the thousands left homeless

and with serious injuries.

It was also in 2010 that we partnered with Pastor Samuel Mersier, a Haitian pastor.  Pastor Samuel's heart was called to provide housing for homeless children.   Through prayer and generous donations, the Ti Palmiste Community Orphanage opened its doors in October 2011 on the LaGonave Island.

The orphanage began as a four-room home for the children on the grounds of  Pastor Samuel's church which also houses the school they attend.  Today, there is an indoor kitchen, dining space with picnic style tables, shower and bathroom facilities, storage room and two administrative offices.   In 2016, we acquired additional rooms from the school that will accommodate dorm rooms, a library, storage for the solar batteries and a vocational training room.   You see, twenty-eight small children (some sleeping two to a bed in 2010) could fit in four rooms.  With half the children now in their teens, those four rooms were just too small for 28 individual beds and a small amount of space for the possessions of each child.  This brought us to planning in 2019 for VIM to return to it's roots as a supporting entity, not one that runs on the ground missions in foreign countries.

Effective January 1, 2020, Melissa and Lender Saint Cyr, Co-Directors of the TCH since 2012, will absorb all responsibilities  including fundraising, curriculum development, vocational training and transitional support as the children complete high school.  According to Haitian Law, once a child reaches the age of 18, they may not remain in a children's home/orphanage.  TCH is determined to see these children through high school graduation plus two years so that they have all the training and life experience needed to be successful.  The Saint Cyrs now have seven years foundational experience which will serve them well as independent missionaries.

Until the Saint Cyrs have received their 501(c)3 designation from the IRS, VIM will continue to accept donations on behalf of TCH and forward those funds to the Saint Cyrs.  We ask that you pray for the Saint Cyrs in their continued efforts in Haiti to be leaders of change in their community and the parenting responsibilities inherent in managing a children’s home.

VIM mission teams visit towns nearby to TiPalmiste to run medical clinics and bring the Word of God to the local residents.  We look forward to supporting missions on the main island of Haiti as we did prior to assisting with the establishment of TiPalmiste Children's Home.

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