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Gonave Island, Haiti

Haiti Mission Trip

Haiti  Mission Trip

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Gonave Island, Haiti

About the Event

Vision International Missions has worked with Lender and Melissa Saint Cyr for over 8 years.  Melissa is a NH native who went to Haiti in 2011 and was called to serve as a missionary.  She and Lender now have 2 children and created LaGonave Haiti Mission to provide support to the community in general as well as continuing the work started in 2012 as the TiPalmiste Children's Home.  

There is an invitation from the Saint Cyr's to return to their village and provide whatever support suits your gifts.  There are always building projects, need for medical clinics to travel to remote villages, repairing solar power panels, teaching the older children a life skill or work skill (there will soon be welding equipment available and a workshop on that would be awesome).

For safety reasons, the team would fly into Port Au Prince airport and transfer to smaller planes for direct flights to the island of LaGonave which is in the Gonave Bay.  From the landing strip, you will travel by trucks to TiPalmiste and other villages where your lodging will be provided.

If you are interested in leading this trip or being a team member, please contact Ken Whitten at 603-867-9955 or at k.whitten@vimissions.com

Costs for mission trips are based on airfare, food, lodging and projects selected. Length of trip is usally 1 week, but can be longer depending on the teams interests.  There are opportunities for extended term and long-term assignment.  Expect cost of the trip to range from $1500 to $1800 for a one week stay.