Team Member Packing Checklist

This list may be modified by individual team captains as needed

Most airlines allow two checked bags and one carry-on.  VIM requires that each team member pack one carry-on for personal use.  Team members will be responsible for no more than two large suitcases or duffel bags used for bringing Bibles, teaching materials, medical/dental supplies for clinics, and construction supplies for work project and/or other team materials, depending on the type of ministry trip.  The following items are not provided by VIM and should be part of your personal packing.  Check with your team leader and cross off any items not needed.  Also, items like sunscreen and bug spray can be shared. Split items like that among team members—everyone does not need their own.

Bible                                                    Deodorant                                                           Sunscreen          

Passport                                              Towelette Packs                                                   Sunburn lotion 

Notebook/Pens                                  Feminine Protection                                           Razor/shave cream         

Toilet Paper (2 rls)                             Shampoo/Conditioner                                       Handkerchiefs 

Contact lens items                             Toothbrush/paste/floss                                      Pocketknife* 

Personal snacks                                  Camera/batteries                                                 Sunglasses 

Sweater/Light Jacket                         Flashlight/batteries                                             Comb/brush 

Water Purification Tabs                    Air mattress                                                         Watch (cheap) 

Soap                                                   Sheets/blanket                                                      Mosquito Netting 

Towels/washcloth                             Small Pillow                                                          Work Gloves 

Spending money                               Alarm Clock 

*Each team member will be able to place a small personal products pouch in one of the duffel bags.  Pocket knives and liquid items can be placed in this pouch which leaves more room in your carry-on luggage and which generally cannot be in your carry-on luggage.

Clothing suggestions for construction teams:  Work pants/jeans, T-shirts, work boots, underwear, white cotton socks, and bandanas are your everyday basics.  Sneakers, hat, sun visor, bathing suit (conservative type), and rubber thong sandals for showering, are other considerations of necessity. 

General attire: 

Men:  Bring two pair of work pants/jeans, shorts (knee length), and casual evening outfits (Suits if required by foreign contact). 

Women: Work pants and knee length shorts are permitted ONLY if permissible.  The team leader should check ahead of time with the foreign host(s).  Otherwise, pack dresses and/or loose-fitting long cotton skirts (calf length mostly, some areas require ankle length), short and long sleeve blouses, no sleeveless or halter type shirts.  Pack one or two casual type outfits for church services or in case of going to a nice restaurant.