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The Real Kind of Goat

Many of the children who started out in the TiPalmiste Children's Home in their early childhood have reached the age of maturity and have moved into a Transitional Housing program run by La Gonave Haiti Missions. This effort is to keep the teens in school while giving them life lessons for the time when education is completed and they are being lives as fully independent adults.

Part of this transition is taking on responsibility for keeping and managing a small number of animals which is traditional in mountain village homesteads. For Christmas, 10 boys in need of a goat received a goat! Enjoy these few photos. If you would like to provide goats, chickens or educational funds for the children in TiPalmiste, Haiti, please visit and make your donation directly.

The TiPalmiste Children's Home was started by VIM in connection with a Haitian Pastor in 2011. It has since transitioned to LaGonave Haiti Missions, an independent non-profit home and life training mission directed by Melissa and Lender Saint Cyr.

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