These are  photos of happenings through VIM's efforts around the world.  Unfortunatley, due to COVID-19 restrictions, our teams have not been able to travel since 2019.   With the relationships around the world, though, we have been able to continue providing them financial support, shipping medicines and medical supplies and other aid as needed.

We hope you will join in our efforts to change lives and break cycles of poverty which include malnutrition, poor housing,  abuse, lack of education & medical care.

6-12-21 VIM AI
6-12-21 VIM FFChildren
6-12-21 FFChildren

On June 12, 2021, VIM coordinated with Food for Children and Apparal Impact to distribute clothing to needy families in the Manchester area.  There were a lot of happy faces, not just for the lollipops, but for the clothing as well.  Families received food supplies from Food for Children, clothing from Apparel Impact and prayer from VIM team members.

This car load of medical devices and supplies was headed to the Congo in May 2021.


We work with Lucia Okeny, a US Citizen and Sudanese native to send medical supplies to refugee camps in the Sudan.  There was a shipment in May and again in June 2021.  These supplies were valued at over  $5,000.  Your donations make a difference!

6-21 Sudan Med Supplies